Behavior Modification Board & Train


This program will consist of:

  • 3 x 1 hour-long sessions (2 prior to boarding, 1 two weeks after)
  • (3 weeks) board & train (dog will go home with trainer)
  • Muzzle Training Instruction (Muzzle will need to be purchased separately and to fit dog’s specific needs) *Dog will need to be muzzle trained prior to board and train – no exceptions
  • All Training Materials will be provided (except for the muzzle)


This program is for dogs struggling with: dog-on-dog aggression, dog-on-human aggression, or a mixture of both. Aggression is a serious behavior problem and one that can have extreme financial and emotional consequences. This program is built to modify and manage the dog’s behavior, give control and communication between the owner and their dog. There is no quick fix for aggression, no guarantee it will completely diminish, but aggression can be managed and controlled. We are fully committed and transparent with our clients and will always provide feedback. We recognize that in most cases, most clients do not have the skill set to work with dogs with serious aggression; however, clients will still have to be an active participant in the process to achieve long-lasting results. Each dog will need to be evaluated prior to signing up.